EKAL Event: Celebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema at Rashid Medical Library Auditorium, Dubai, UAE on 5th October 2012


Good deeds have no barriers!
       (From Left to Right) - Sameer Mawani, Harshad R. Mehta, Rob Broedelet, Ashit Gandhi.

Sparkling in Light!
       Performers of Bharatanatyam Dance with Ms. Meera Srikanth.

Sweet India! Shine!
       Deepanjali Dance by BHAWA performers.

Thank you - great audience!

Sharing views...
       (From Left to Right) - Geeta Chhabra, Shri M. K. Lokesh (Indian Ambassador to the UAE).

Success is comradeship...
       (From Left to Right) - Maghanmal Pancholia, Vasu Shroff, Harshad R. Mehta, Sultan Al Joker.

Vision is in focus...
       (From Left to Right) - Shri M. K. Lokesh (Indian Ambassador to the UAE), Harshad R. Mehta.

All smiling!
       (From Left to Right) - Bharat Bhai Shah, Dr. Ram Buxani, Dr. Juma Al Matrooshi, Indu Ben Shah.