Geeta Chhabra’s Vanyatra.
Journey to the forestlands of Gothi-Maharashtra (India)


We are the people… we are together! We are the people to make a new dawn!
Geeta Chhabra on a Vanyatra in the region of Ghoti, Maharashtra, to promote EKAL education among
the Adivasi children.

From a hamlet or a city… it does not matter. Unity is strength… to spread light!
Geeta Chhabra with the EKAL children, villagers and locals of Ghoti.

Rise and shine… light the lamp of education to achieve your dreams!
Geeta Chhabra with a group of EKAL children and the EKAL teacher in Ambewade.

The group of people who made Geeta Chhabra’s Vanyatra so memorable!
From left to right – Tulsi Soma Bhankoli, Govind Jadhav, Dilipsingh Chauhan, Ajit Shah, Geeta Chhabra,
Mohan Bhagat and Rohit. This picture was taken in Manjar Goan.