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Geeta Chhabra writes her poems in English and her verse has been translated into Arabic and appears in reputed Arabic journals. Following the success of her first two books: An Indian Ode To The Emirates & No Journey Ends, Smash My Glass showcases some of her latest poems along with prose pieces. The volume is a captivating account of her observations – some that are joyful, and some which are laden with grief.   As a mentor, critic and guide, Indian poet Nissim Ezekiel encouraged Geeta Chhabra to write and that greatly propelled her poetic expressions.

In 2012, Geeta Chhabra received the Poets Printery International Best Poetry Website Award for Creativity and New Age Poetry for her website, where she regularly encapsulates her point of reasoning. She is an Indian who divides her time between Mumbai and Dubai.

Geeta Chhabra

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  • Geeta Chhabra’s latest collection: Smash My Glass, is a work of poems and prose spun like fine threads in a great tapestry. She includes in her poems and prose examination of the suffering and the joy of life.

    Geeta writes about smashing the glass, the glass of the illusion of duality, to quit our ways of separateness and meet each person, leaf, and cell, as part of the whole of life.

    I’m always excited to receive her latest book to see what gems she has written. And there are always new gems waiting for me in each new book! How does she do it?

    Geeta lives this universal truth that all is one, and by writing her wonderful poems and brilliant prose she shows us how to find the way home to all of life.

    Maryann De Leo
    Oscar Award Winner, National Emmy Award Winner
    & National Cable Ace Award Winner, USA

  • The manuscript of Geeta Chhabra’s latest book: Smash my Glass is with me, I had been reading Geeta’s poems since last few years. She lives in two worlds. Her life in Dubai is interrupted at times by her sojourn to Mumbai. The commercial landscape of both these places are connived by an economic pinnacle, overshadowing train of thoughts and revealing an underbelly of many worlds, each inconclusive in its own way. Geeta has been able to reach out to such surreptitious imagery, boldly transfiguring them in a shared spiritual context. Her poems continue to revel in iconoclastic congruency in contemporary Indo-English poetry movement.

    Dr. Amitabh Mitra
    Editor, The Hudson View
    New York, USA

  • Geeta Chhabra’s poetic and prose lines show her relationship with her Creator, her relationship with Mumbai city where she has her roots, with Nature, with people and her relationship with her own self. With the Almighty she is obedient, with her city she is a surgeon who uses the scalpel to lay open its dark side to disinfect it. She is in tune with Nature and confidently interactive with people. But when alone, she is given to introspection and agonizing over herself. Her words are a solace for the seeker and a prod for action for the self-satisfied.

    Muhammad Yusuf
    Features Writer
    The Gulf Today
    Dubai, UAE.

  • The smell of parched earth when the first drops of rain fall on it is something few people can forget once they have experienced it. Geeta Chhabra’s Smash My Glass evokes similar feelings, particularly the section titled Mumbai. With her deft pen, she effortlessly captures the essence of what the city in all its multifaceted hues, means to her. In the process she takes the reader on an amazing journey of self discovery leading him to forgotten worlds while reliving memories that had been tucked away in the recesses of time.

    Anand Raj O.K.
    Features Editor, Gulf News
    Dubai, UAE

  • With each new collection, Geeta truly matures as a poet – she becomes more bold and confrontational, and more willing to expose the deeper layers of her thoughts and emotions. Following her earlier publications for Motivate – An Indian Ode to the Emirates and No Journey Ends –  Smash My Glass particularly highlights the poet’s relationship with her home, the city of Mumbai, and reveals both personal and social conflicts. There is an underlying empathy that connects all of her poems, heightened by her ability to create evocative imagery.

    Ian Fairservice
    Group Editor-in-Chief
    Motivate Publishing
    Dubai, UAE


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